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A Photography Art Magazine

Creative Spaces for Creative Minds! Every artist has creativity. Creative Hut Team wants to showcase the art aspect of photography, where creativity is unlimited. Creative Hut is a Bi-annual Photography art magazine managed by Alextern Education Pvt. Ltd. With our digital and physical platforms, we aim to create a creative space for all photography artists to share their creativity with the world. Creative Hut, both Digital and Physical Magazine is the World’s first of its kind publication which is dedicated to photography as an art. And here. we are glad to introduce our team and all about us.

Our Team

alex abin

Abin Alex


“Involving myself into art and different creative works was something that I always loved to do from my childhood”

joseph anu

Anu Joseph

Executive Editor

“For me as a Photojournalist, Photography is an art. Photojournalism is a documentation of visual arts”

elango sir

Elango V

Creative Director

“Photography for me, is witness of our day to day life. Adding creativity to that, is like adding delicious flavors to food”

Vijay Raj MJ

Deputy Editor

“Travel, Explore, Click, Write, Repeat. These words exactly defines me of what I do and what I live for”

adarsh d j k

Adarsh DJ Kumar

Sr. Editing Artist

“Photography for me, is the expression of human creativity and imagination in the visual form.”

Vaishnavi G Kurup

Concept Artist

” Photography is a lifelong addiction which is running in my bloodstream that is at times exhilarating and challenging.”

Shyam Prasad

Editing Artist

“Photography is all about choosing and framing as well as rendering the visually captured photons.”

Vins John

Editing Artist

“Photography is an art through which you can show the things as per your point of view. “

R Jaganath

Editing Artist

“For me Photography is the strongest medium of expressing yourself. The frame you capture has the ability to tell who you are.”

gopi akhil

Akhil Gopi

Design Artist

“Photography is the art form of directing people to see from a new perspective and to understand how different the world looks.”


We, as a team of photography lovers, work aiming to promote photography as a creative art. Our digital magazine aims to reach the whole photographic community like editorial, advertising, photojournalism, documentary, wildlife, birds, insects, product, food, fashion, wedding, and events photography, including amateurs and aspiring students – the professionals of the future.


“Creating Creative spaces for Creative Minds”


“To make sure, every creative photography art work, gets what it deserve”