Constellations by Pooja Singh


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Photography is like a visual painting painted through camera. Like an artist paints a picture with brushes, a photographer creates the picture through his vision and captures it through camera, freezing it forever. It is a powerful medium of communication around the world and it knows no caste, creed, religion and culture. It will speak what it has to. Few photographs hold the power to change the world by invoking a new thought in people’s mind. It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and a photograph is a perfect way to conclude it.

Composing such powerful and eye catchy photograph is not an easy task for the photographers. Applying correct rules, balancing the elements in a frame and most importantly, the correct lighting is required to create a perfect photograph. Using this powerful medium as a photographer I am going to present before the audience my book “Constellations”. The theme of this book is ‘zodiac’. Our behaviors, our choices, our actions and almost everything is some way or the other influenced by zodiac signs. The reason we are so much related to these signs are the four elements of the universe, fire, water, air and earth. Our body and the entire universe are made through the combinations of these elements. These elements bind us together and help us communicate non verbally with nature through senses.

The day and time we are born, we are categorized into 12 individual zodiac signs. These signs are referred as ‘constellations’ because they are ruled by individual planets. These constellations form different shapes of zodiacs in the night sky. Through photography I have reflected the dominant characteristic of each sign and each chapter in this book is about elements and subjects which define the behavior, mood or emotion of the signs and their choices. For me Photography was the most suitable medium to depict what zodiac signs are about.

Why did I choose this as my theme is what you might be questioning? The reason is, according to human psychology we all are very keen to know and learn about ourselves. We believe it or not we give astrology and future predictions a try. Newspapers, magazines and different books have columns for zodiac signs and there are millions of people reading these columns for ages. Historical monuments like ‘Jantar Mantar’ in Delhi and Jaipur have architectural designs for astrology where the planetary movements and its influence on each zodiac signs were calculated. Somewhere or the other we are attached to it and people like me having keen interest in zodiac signs are attracted to it. A pictorial representation of these signs would be great to watch and would attract larger masses to explore it. Through my photography skills I have created striking photographs which won’t divert the audience away from the book

About the Author

Photography is an art and I am the artist who can paint a picture through camera. I am a keen traveler who loves to capture moments, showcasing the world that there are much more beautiful things waiting out there to be explored. This is why I began my journey from Auto mode on camera to Manual mode understanding that, Photography is not just about clicking frames but to capture the true essence within the frame which can give meaning or motivation to others. With my camera I have traveled to several states in India and looking beyond to explore more. For me my cam-era is my best companion and the photographs my story.

Pooja Singh, Durgapur, West Bengal

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