As part of Fine art photography, here our author gone some little forward and used a microlens and found some abstract images. Furthermore, he is conveying here that the light reaches everywhere.

“Texture is most evident where darkness meets light on the turning edge and at the outer edge”

Abstract photography means seeing simple things in different imagination in many different ways. There are so many small and simple things in nature that we do not understand because we never try to observe them. This world is full of abstract things. We daily pass through them but we never notice it can be from our morning toothbrush to huge cloud. It can be found in human-made things and natural’s things. Moreover, we can’t say that there is no abstract in our surroundings.

Artistic Vision

We only want an artistic vision to see them. In abstract photography different types of photographic equipment can be used. I clicked this all texture using a macro lens because from a simple lens we can’t see this texture. In this blog, I am showing some interesting images related to abstract photography. After leaves get dried and the small insects eat and as a result, we get this type of texture. Hence, for insects, the dried leaves are just food but for the photographer, it is an imaginative art.

Automation: The face of robot
Saddle: The horse is eating food
Ecstasy: The heart that lies within
Simplicity: Texture attract the eyes to see them
Artistry: Texture adds variety into imagination
Radiance: Our mind is full of illumination

Suyash Chimankar, Rajnandgoan, Chhattisgarh

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