Rhythm of Life by Vivek.R.Krishnan


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Human life has its own rhythm. It is filled with varied experiences of contrasting nature. Sometimes life has happy moments which are reflected in its rhythm. On such occasion’s life has its own smoothness. Again, there may be bitter experiences. Then life will be dull and boring. Photography has a very important role in reflecting human experience.

Photography is really a visual
communication. It has been developed by
human beings over the past ages. It is documenting everything around. It depicts nature and wildlife.

There is a separate branch of study in
photography known as photojournalism.
Advertisement is a major area in photography.

Photography is a manmade art. Nature photographer shows the beauty of nature in his work. He is documenting some attractive reflections of nature. Wildlife is also pictured with strenuous efforts. Patience and care are required for a wild life photographer. He is catching unusual moments in the wild.

Art, architecture and culture are part of photojournalism. It contains human history. Photographs of architecture tell stories of age-old culture. They arouse collective memory of human life. Kathakali pictures are great attractions in Kerala.

Advertisement is a vibrant area in photography. Food, fashion and products are features of advertisement photography. Pose and style are very important in fashion photography.

About the Author

I am Vivek R Krishnan from Kottayam, Kerala. My ambition become a good travel photographer. I was studied my degree BA Multimedia at SJCC, Changanassey in Kottayam district. I was travel lot of places and I captured that view in my point of view. Photography is a way of visual communication. Every photo has a story. A photograph is a pause button in life.

Vivek.R.Krishnan, Kottayam, Kerala

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