The Refined View by Rohit Ganesh Jadhav


About Portfolio

Photography is a way of feeling, captured forever and reminds you of the big and the small things, long after one would have actually forgotten about it. The best part of photography is that the photographer is the one who witnesses what is real and what is in the frame. He or she is the mediator between the subjects being photographed and the audience.

I love art and drawing. Photography for me is an art of observation. It’s all about finding and framing something interesting from an ordinary object and in an ordinary place. This portfolio of mine “The Refined View” is all about the simple things framed in order to get the refined or elegant view of the subjects around us.

The photographs of art and culture, birds, various products, food and fashion here in this portfolio portray that photography is all about the way one sees them. Here, the art is depicted in each of these categories of photography with utmost simplicity and elegance.

Photography is a powerful language that speaks louder than words. It helps us to interact with our inner emotions. It allows us to tell our story, frames our point of view, and show others what they would haven’t see before. My photography portfolio “The Refined View”, is a collection of some of the simple subjects with utmost elegance.

About the Author

I’m Rohit Ganesh Jadhav From Maharashtra India. I’m Interest in Fashion Photography. It Is Not Only Focusing on Automotive Photography, But Also, I Am Doing Professional Product Photography and Food Photography. And I’m Graduate in Art Teacher Diploma and Additionally I Done A Professional Photography Course in Order to Provide Professional Quality in My Service’s as A Photographer & Cinematographer. And I Interested to Create Contents to Share My Thoughts and Views. I Always Ensures That I Providing Right Quality in My Works.

Rohit Ganesh Jadhav, Solapur, Maharashtra

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