Top Best Photography Colleges in India (2020)


Photography as a hobby, as your passion, or as a professional career; all of these means your involvement in one of the world’s best visual art forms named ‘Photography’. The thirst for Photography, leads many of us in search of the top photography colleges. Or University, School, Institute, Academy that would provide one with proper guidance and platform to explore it. The extent to which photography has gained popularity is far more than one could ever imagine. And the task to find the best college of Photography becomes more difficult.

Top Photography College in India 2020

All the top colleges offering photography courses are known to be in the top list for various reasons. Before you make a final decision and best selection of the photography college, just know your best options. You must get to know all those facts about the photography institute or college or academy. That can provide light and life to your photography profession.

Photography is considered as skill development and a career-oriented program. Hence, it is much worth going for a one-year diploma course after completing +2, or as an undergraduate or postgraduate. Investing 1 year in photography diploma course or 3 years in Photography Degree course is completely one’s choice. Moreover, for making Photography as your profession, one must know certain points. One must analyze on these, as you are going to invest your valuable time and wealth for making your photography passion as your future photography career.

Find the Best Photography College in India

World’s first Photography Residential College for Photography

Finding Top Photography College is very difficult in India. A student or an individual who wishes to study Photography will have different questions arising in their minds.

Top Photography Schools / Institutes / Colleges / Academy / University in India

There are various ways to find top photography colleges in India. Searching on search engines is one of those ways. Different educational websites, private bloggers, and articles provide the list of the best colleges or institutes in India providing various photography courses. Selected on the basis of their overall performance and dedication in this field of Photography. These are the photography colleges in Delhi, photography institutes in Hyderabad, Ooty, photography schools in Pune, Maharashtra, and Kerala, etc…

Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala

Creative Hut Institute of Photography was established in 2007. It is managed by the National Education And Research Foundation, located in Kottayam district of Kerala. It is World’s first Photography Gurukul and is affiliated to Kerala Government Technical Education. It offers a one-year Professional Diploma in Art of Photography course. For the Excellency in education and photography research, the institute has been rewarded several times. For instance, the Limca Book of Records, India book of records, Asia Book of Records, National Book of Records, etc…

How to Find the Best Photography Colleges in India?

Photography school, college, academy, and institute are different words with almost conveying the same meaning. And most of us get confused with the term to be used while searching. Usually, we end up with the search for the best place for photography education by using one or two such related terms of search. However, we need to understand what had made those colleges on the list of top photography colleges in India.

The listing of top or best Photography Colleges in India has some criteria. As per which the respective website writers or researchers mention the same. Irrespective of the positions of the colleges they are given in the top list; we must surely know that what makes them best. While selecting the best place to learn photography, point out whether the respective photography center fulfills the following aspects. Find out which college provides you with the answers to the 25 important factors.

  1. Best Photography Course Syllabus
  2. Best Photography College Campus and Location
  3. Fulltime and Best Photography Mentors
  4. Most Experienced Faculty or Most Inspired Guru
  5. Best Infrastructure and Facilities in the college
  6. Best Camera and Photography Equipment
  7. Most Innovative Photography Class Sessions
  8. Best Practical Outdoor Photography Study Tours
  9. Best Photography Course Duration
  10. The Best, largest, and well-equipped photography studio
  11. Advanced and hi-tech photography classroom
  12. Best photo and video Digital Image editing department
  13. Most Innovative and Unique Portfolio of Students
  14. Best photography theoretical study and photography practical knowledge
  15. Most creative photography tricks, photography live shoots and activities
  16. Best photography Internship Assistance and Guidance
  17. Best photography Job Opportunities and Guidance
  18. Photography Certificate or grading
  19. Students, Alumni and Parents feedback and reviews
  20. Accessible transport, hostel facilities, and food facilities
  21. Affordable Fees structure and payment method
  22. Where are the alumni and where are they placed
  23. Reviews, feedbacks, and contacts with the alumni or es-students
  24. Answers to your queries at the earliest
  25. Ask you to visit the campus before admission, before the final decision

The World’s first Photography Gurukul stands number one in the top 10 photography colleges in India. With ample facilities, infrastructure, efficient mentors, pleasant campus, unique Gurukulam way of learning, and an excellent percentage of passing and job results.

So, the best way to search is to go with the best or top photography college in India that answers all the above-mentioned points positively. Instead of searching for the best college for photography in Delhi, the best School of photography in Tamil Nadu, the best Institute of Photography in Mumbai, Kerala, etc… That limits the search for one particular area or state or locality.

Once you have found all the names and options of best photography colleges or leading photography colleges, you now need to cross-check your queries by answering those in a most appropriate and simple way.

Visit those colleges directly or through online media and finally make the appropriate choice and build your future.

I hope you have to find the right article about how to find the best and which are the Top 10 photography colleges in India!

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Photography FAQ

Which college is best for photography in India?

The best college for photography in India is the Creative Hut Institute of Photography in Kerala that combines photography learning in both theoretical and practical approaches. It provides a full-time residential course and is credited to be the First Residential Photography College in the World.

How can I know which is the best photography colleges in India?

There are various factors that help to know which college is best for photography. Some of those factors are known as the college location, college campus, course, facilities, infrastructure, mentors, student’s work, portfolio, and many more. To analyze which photography college is best, just go through 25 important factors about the college given in the above article.

Which course is best for photography?

There are different types of photography Courses in India to become a Professional Photographer. Diploma courses are the best for Photography Career. Professional Diploma in Photography is the best for photography.

Do you need to go college to be a photographer?

To be a photographer, for fulfilling your hobby, you really don’t need to go to photography college. But if photography is more than your hobby and you really want to take it into more priority in your life and career, then surely you must learn it from a photography college.


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